Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ten songs I like at the moment...

I've been tagged, so it's as good an opportunity as any to share some of my favorite music!

Lessee... There're my alltime favorites, but since this is an at the moment type of thing... In no particular order:

1. The one that's in my blog's subtitle right now, Bent - Private Road. Slow and a little lonesome. I love the instrumentation and the singer's got such a deep and feminine voice.

2. A Girl Called Eddy's got a couple I like, those being Golden and Somebody Hurt You. She's got another great voice I love. And her lyrics are kind of sad, pathetic, and open, which I love.

3. Sleeper - Nice Guy Eddie. I think this band's split up by now, maybe. Nice guitars, lyrics about golddigging, but with a nice but sad ending.

4. Belly - Untitled and Unsung. "I know your heart, it's just like mine". Well, I think that's what she's singing. Anyway, looking at my playlist, I think I really like Belly.

5. Andain - Beautiful Things. I'm a sucker for melodic techno sung by a sexy voice.

6. Weekend Players - Pursuit of Happiness. "Keep it strong, and it won't be long until there's better times..."

7. Goldfrapp - Strict Machine. That song from the Gameboy Metroid commercial. Good bassline, very melodic. Is it about a vibrator? Is it about a good German screwing? Who knows?

8. Yuamu - Pink. I've been listening to this one for a while, but it's still a regular on my rotation. Japanese, rockin'...

9. Zero 7 - Destiny. "When I'm weak, I draw strength from you, and when I'm down, you know how, to change my mood..." Love me some Zero 7...

10. The Sundays - Summertime. An oldie but a goodie. A nice voice, a melodic song, and lyrics about finding love in the personals.

Well, lately I've been mostly listening to songs in English, so it's kinda sad the only non-English language song that made it onto the list is one that I've been listening to for a long time now. Oh well... maybe I'll make a top 25 all time list or something...

...argh, gotta stop changing this list.

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Gabe said...

And anyone reading that feels like sharing some of their current faves, feel free to go right ahead.