Friday, October 14, 2005

Great comics post

Troy Brownfield at Newsarama had a great post about the new Infinite Crisis in particular, DC continuity in general, and comic book heroism all around. From the post:
It’s just a thought, and why not. Our worldviews are cynical and jaded now. The essence of wonder is easily sacrificed for the attempt to look cool, even apathetic, in the eyes of our peers. The younger generation, who I see and speak to every day in my classrooms, often seem to embrace groundless cynicism in the face of all things. Certainly, recent and current events have been a strain on the public trust. We know that governments can be corrupt, we know that people (even children) can kill without reason, and we know that in many ways our world is darker than it ever has been. Obviously then, this should be a time for heroes. This should be a time when someone stands up, unafraid, and says, “This is not how things should be”, and, instead of simply stopping at the declaration (which, in the internet age, we’re all good at), leads us into the future.
If you have any questions about DC continuity or want an idea of where DC might be headed, it's definitely worth a read. If you want an idea of why people read comic books, it might also be worth a read.

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