Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Music I'm listening to

Monkey Swallows the Universe. I heard their song "Science" and started looking for more. So far I'm liking them a lot. Nice voice, and the cello's a nice touch.

Bishop Allen. I went to their show a few weeks ago. Definitely very fun, but I was surprised by how little vocal work their female singer did. All the same, I picked up their first CD and liked it too. You might've heard their one song, "Click, Click, Click, Click".

Bitter:Sweet. I first heard one of their songs from a champagne commercial. Another found its way into an episode of Smallvile.

Earlimart. So far okay. I don't think I've run into a song I've been crazy about yet. Not bad tho.

Aimee Mann's latest I didn't find that great.

Tilly & the Wall. I'll be going to see their show in July. Their latest CD was pretty good. They actually included a hand drawn/painted insert for their album cover. Pretty neat.

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