Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Intelligent Theists vs. Unintelligent Theists

Christians can and do believe in evolution. But some Christians don't. Some, perhaps most that don't believe, are Fundamentalist Christians. From this, I put forth that belief in the theory of evolution is not a religious issue, or at least not at the core. It's dressed up in creation myth to stir up controversy, but really, it's about people who take the time to think and incorporate knowledge of their world into their belief system and people who believe what they're told and write off any other factual evidence.

I refer to the religious that think as "intelligent theists". From what I can tell, this probably describes a majority of Christians, who could also be called moderate. This is contrasted with, of course, those that don't think which I refer to as unintelligent theists. The problem with this group, however, is that the unintelligent have taken it upon themselves to be very vocal, and the moderate, by and large, aren't.

Expanding it out though, of course this is just the same fight that has been raging on for forever, which is just the knowledgeable versus the ignorant, or perhaps just a subset; the loud and stupid versus the smart but meek. Really, truly, if there really does exist this silent majority of moderate, intelligent Christians in America, I wish they'd speak out and tell the unintelligent to shut up. Or better yet, teach them.

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