Saturday, July 30, 2005

Half-blood Prince

SPOILERS! Highlight to see: |First of all, I thought Dumbledore's weakening was largely pointless given that Rowling never gave a reason that he had to drink the goop. Dumbledore said it couldn't be scooped, but clearly he "scoops" it up with his goblet. If Rowling just wrote in a goblet next to the basin, or maybe had Dumbledore say, "If I just dump it on the ground it probably won't work", his weakening himself would've seemed a lot less stupid.

And then, why was Dumbledore protecting Draco? I can see that he's the kind of guy that believes in the good of people, especially children, but come on! This was at the safety and lives of OTHER students and children. Not to mention his own life.

I've read it elsewhere, but I also think Harry is the last horcrux, whether Voldemort knows it or not. It sounds like the perfect way to tie things up, and also explains a few things like his Parseltongue and scar.

Also, I also doubt Snape is bad. I couldn't find where Snape and Dumbledore were arguing, but it was probably about Snape's Unbreakable Vow with Draco and him killing Dumbledore. We'll probably see Snape and/or Draco help Harry at the end.

Anyway, it was a fun read and I look forward to the next one.

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