Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

Most people don't seem to remember this show for some reason. I do, and I think it has something to do with growing up in Texas (Texas Rangers, Galaxy Rangers? Hrm...). I just finished watching the last episode of the 4th disk. Some parts clearly show its age and target age group, but overall, I've gotta say it holds up pretty well compared to a lot of other cartoons from my childhood in the 80's.

It's funny how Goose ended up soloing in a lot of the episodes. I'm not sure if that was Koch's conscious decision or if it just ended up being a representative selection. Either way, he was my favorite character, so it worked out well. Mmm... Niko :)


hayashi said...

I need to work up the nerve to finish watching the DVD... I'm a little worried about experiencing that bitter, bitter Thundercats epiphany all over again. (i.e. "I used to like that show?!")

Gabe said...

I never actually watched the entire series... Actually, I don't think I've even seen the end of the Thundercats, either (although a friend did tell me how it ends).

I imagine Galaxy Rangers ends when Foxx gets his wife's psychocrystal back and wakes her up; probably after defeating the queen (whatever her name is), once and for all bringing peace and order to the galaxy.


Anonymous said...

Actually the episodes just sort of cut off with a quasi climax about them defeating a crown armada... except they do that half-way through the series too, so it's like an anti-climax.

They never do free his wife, very disappointing to my ten year old brain.