Monday, January 02, 2006

Diagonal parking

What's so hard to get? Every now and then I'll see some idiot bearing down on me, going the wrong way down a one way parking lot alley; one way because the parking lot wisely chose to use diagonal parking spaces. So why is it so hard to understand? Diagonal parking spaces are easier to pull into and out of. Front first. And then there are the people who park rear first into a diagonal parking space. Surely they've missed out on this great parking idea as well.

Maybe I should keep some flyers in my car to enlighten people of their folly.

It reminds of this woman who came up to me in a store where I was a computer salesman. "I can never use mice, they're so hard to use," she said. As it turns out, she was holding it upside down with the cord facing out the back.


Heather said...

You could leave a version of this card on their windshield:


Gabe said...

Nice... alas, it's not specific enough... It'd also be nice if they had one for office microwave use etiquette.

Some people stop it with a few seconds left and then don't clear it. So when I stick my food in and hit the buttons, it doesn't work and I have to hit 'clear' first. I mean, really, how hard would that be? So inconsiderate...

And then there're the guys that burn their popcorn, in the worst case bringing the fire department. Our microwaves actually have 'popcorn' button, and it works super-awesome. I've been *this* close to taping up a sign that says, "TRY THE POPCORN BUTTON".

Heather said...

It's Josh, isn't it?

My office has signs everywhere. "Please refill the Brita or the filter will dry out rendering it USELESS." And 'useless' is underlined like, six times.

There are signs in the bathroom to "please clean up after yourself," and signs to keep people from attacking the vending machines. Simply amazing.

Gabe said...

Well then, perhaps you'll enjoy these the winners of this year's wacky warning labels